I am an artist-researcher and perform on stage and other environments, always working with/through sound and presence. Trained as an instrumentalist, composer and digital artists, the focus of my practice has shifted from using sounds organised as music to deploying the body as the central site of action, perception, and culture.

I investigate how the musician's body acts as resonator for sound's presences; how the sound establishes and grounds the intertwined relationship between inner and outer perception; how tangible musical actions and the intangible presence of sound mediate each other; how the different subject's agencies emerge towards, with, and through sound. Through this, the body becomes the carrier of sounding performances.

Listening to inner states enables reflection about the spaces, structures, and processes of sound experience. This results in a closer understanding of processes that are shaping cultural and perceptual times and spaces in relation to the body.

Relationality of/in performance is established by listening to the other's states. The intersubjective space opened by performing with sound, with the body, with the other is as much cultural, individual as it is experiential.

My artistic works are situated in such diverse contexts as media festivals, improv music gigs, intercultural projects, and sound art investigations in urban space. I aim at linking the diverging, yet complementary strands into a comprehensive and comprehensible assemblage that functions both in the artistic and scholarly domains.

In parallel to my practice as an artist, I hold the position of Associate Researcher at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology at the Zurich University of the Arts. I lead research projects that deal with a.o. Musical Gesture, Immersive Media, and Environmental and Surround Sound, doing this from a position of artistic as well as systematic research.