Sounding Bodies, Moving Sounds

Workshops on the fundamentals of dance-music relationships in intercultural contexts taught by Angela Stoecklin (movement and interaction) and Jasch (sound and interaction).


This workshop is for musicians and dancers about Improvisation and Instant Composition. The two main topics are: Improvisation techniques for the individual artist with a focus both on musical and movement issues, and interaction between music and dance. We explore both idioms and the forms of communicating they offer. Doing, observing and reflecting allow us to approach the themes from different angles. Goals are heightening of the awareness for impulses, decision taking, and widening the range of expressive and action possibilities, and learning to follow the „how“ rather than the „what”. We learn to treat the two artistic languages on a basis of an equal dialogue.

La Habana, Cuba, October 2014
Instituto Superior de Arte

Video: Workshop impressions, on location in the fine asrts school of the Instituo Superior de Arte, La Habana Cuba, 15-17. October 2014 (Duration 10:15)

Video: Workshop showing, full length; Teatro Ciervo Encantado at Instituo Superior de Arte, La Habana Cuba, 17. October 2014 (Duration 46:28 - fulllength, lower quality video)


New Delhi, India, November 2013
Danceworx Academy, Gati Dance Forum

Gati Foundation Workshop
delhi_gati_001delhi_gati_002delhi_gati_003delhi_gati_004delhi_gati_005delhi_gati_006delhi_gati_007delhi_gati_008delhi_gati_009delhi_gati_010delhi_gati_011delhi_gati_012 Workshop at Gati Dance Forum, New Delhi, India, 18. November 2013
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Danceworx Workshop

delhi_danceworx_001delhi_danceworx_002delhi_danceworx_003delhi_danceworx_004delhi_danceworx_005delhi_danceworx_006delhi_danceworx_007delhi_danceworx_008delhi_danceworx_009delhi_danceworx_010Workshops at Danceworx Academy, studios in East Patel Nagar & KOD, New Delhi, India, 8. & 10. & 12. November 2013
all photos 2013 jasch